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The Stabilizer MADE in Italy

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allows to move your camcorder a few centimetres from the ground...

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  • What is the backward weight release system?
    The backward weight release system has been designed to keep the handgrip vertically, so that the torsion of the wrist will be eliminated. It will also ease the use of the Sanda100 even with heavy camcorder.

  • What is the Gimbal?
    The Gimbal is a mechanical system witch uses the gyroscope principle to isolate the Post from unintentional movements of the operator.

  • What is the Post?
    The Post is a pipe which connects the camera mounting plate to the counterbalance plate. It usually carries the wires that transfer the Audio Video signal from the camcorder to the reference monitor.
    The Gimbal slide on the Post.

  • What is the Sled?
    The Sled is the stabilizing assembly consisting of:
    The camcorder mounting plate, the Post, the Gimbal and the counterbalance plate.

  • What’s the sliding Gimbal on the Post for?
    The sliding Gimbal on the Post is used on professional steadicam to change the system fulcrum of the lever Sled. Sanda100 is the only camcorder stabilizer of its kind equipped with the sliding Gimbal, which enables a fast and precise balancing of the stabilizer itself.

  • What is the maximum camcorder weight that can be used with Sanda100?
    Sanda100 can hold camcorders of over 4.5 kg of weight, with no alterations of its physical structure.
    But a reasonable weight-load for those kind of stabilizers is maximum 3 kg, because a load of more than 3 kg would result in too much strain for the operator.

  • What is the "drop time" test?
    This is one of the test used to verify the correct balancing of the steadicam. You have to put the Post on horizontal position and time how long it takes to get back to the vertical position. The ideal range is between 2 and 2.5 seconds.
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