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The Stabilizer MADE in Italy

Low Mode
allows to move your camcorder a few centimetres from the ground...

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Hard Case
The best way to protect the equipment


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Kit Monitor BatteryPack

The KitMonitor BatteryPack includes:

  • n 1 Aluminum batteries houses for ten AA cells
  • n 1 Ansmann ACS410P Traveller battery charger
  • n 1 Micro ball head Manfrotto 482
  • n 1 Power coil cables
  • n 10 AA rechargeable battery Ansmann 2850 mAh
  • n 2 Fixing-set to counterbalance plate

* Monitor not included

180,00 €


Us e of the charger
Input 100-240 V AC - Automatic charger / discharger for 4-10 cells nickel-cadmium and nickel-metalhydrid battery packs (4,8-12,0 V) with a capacity of 8009000 mAh.


  • Microcontroller controlled charging
  • Test phase at the beginning of the charging in order to recognize and indicate defect battery packs
  • Short circuit detection and electronic protection against reversed battery
  • Battery condition at the beginning of the charging is of no importance for the battery packs
  • Supervision of the charging condition by a microcontroller during the whole charging time
  • Safety stages like voltage gradient supervision and -delta U switch off as well as a safety timer are integrated
  • Possibility of discharging of the battery packs before use by pressing the button; after that, automatic switching over to the charging
  • Automatic switching over to trickle charge
  • State indication through illuminated display


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