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The Stabilizer MADE in Italy

Low Mode
allows to move your camcorder a few centimetres from the ground...

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Hard Case
The best way to protect the equipment


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Sliding gimbal

The sliding gimbal has been designed to offer maximum motion fluidity.

The gimbal is made out of three different elements extracted from solid through a shaving removing process.

Due to the capability of the gimbal to slide on the post, the dynamic balance is smoothed and fastned. Because of this feature the range of camcorders and accessory that can be used is broaden.

SANDA100 handgrip

The unique feature of The SANDA100 handgrip is designed to lighten the camcorder weight from the forearm.

Unlike similar stabilizer system which are umbalanced at the front, the Sanda100 backward adjustable weight counterbalance system releases the muscular stress of the forearm.

The special design of SANDA100, employ mainly the forearm bicipital muscles, instead of loading the stress on the wrist, allowing a better stability and a better operational efficiency.

It is also possible to remove the backward handgrip in order to facilitate its carriage.

Sliding counterbalance plate

The sliding counterbalance plate placed on the post further facilitates all the setting operations and widens the range of possible configurations.

The counterbalance plate is particularly practical for balancing light-weight camcorders.


Micropositioning plate

The micropositioning plate allows the camcorder adjustment on the side axis securing a fast and accurate setting.

Placed on the lower side of the micropositioning plate, are two locks securing the plate position. The locks prevent the accidental movement of the plate.


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